Kira's mother, Danielle, had a normal pregancy until her 21st week. After a serious car accident (see photo) on December 21, 2002, ultrasounds showed fluid around Kira's brain. It was soon discovered that her head size stopped growing dramatically. Standard genetic testing showed no abnormalities. For the following months after the accident, Kira's head size continued to fall behind her normal body size.

Labor was induced 3 weeks early and Kira Fae MacLachlan was born April 10, 2003 at Deconess Childrens Center (see photo) in Spokane , Washington. She spent the next 10 days in the intensive care unit. She had respiratory apnea in the hospital but had no more respiratory problems once she came home.

Kira's condition is considered to be a severe case of microcephaly. An MRI after she was born indicated little brain development other than the brain stem. This underdevelopment of the brain caused her skull plates or sutures to fall inwards and not fuse in a smooth shape. Her scalp grew to normal size, causing wrinkles in the skin (see photo) as her unusual skull size and shape did not stretch the scalp tight.

During her first few months she did all the basic infant requirements. Sleep, cry, eat, etc. But as she gets older it is obvious that she is leveling out quickly in her abilities. Her level of motor skills, sight and hearing are all questionable and will be further tested at a later date.

Kira has certainly done more than anyone thought she could ever do. Just leaving the hospital amazed many. She can eat baby food, smiles when happy, and even laughs occasionally when very excited or tickled.

None of us know how long Kira will be with us, so every moment with her is very special. She has truly touched and changed the lives of those who have had the priviledge of knowing this special little girl..