Click on the photo to see a bigger one.....

August of 2009 Kira was about 48 inches tall and 50 pounds.  


Getting her head massaged still brings Kira much enjoyment.  

Mema bought these matching outfits over a year ago. Finally showing them off together.

Mema and Kira striking a perfect pose.  

Danielle have a great visit with Kira in Portland.

Starting to bundle up for walks in the fall.  

Mema and Mepa can't seem to keep our lips off her!!

Danille and Jeremy at their wedding.  

Grandpa Mick helping Kira perform her flower girl duties.

Kira visiting with Vicki during one of her favorite stops.  

Michelle and Kira during a family reunion at the city beach.

Kira's face is truely one of the prettest thing I have every seen.  

Kira loves being outside by those that care for her.

Kira with a perfectly executed kiss to the cheek of Mema.  

Kira have a great time posing with Mema in a garden.

Boy is Kira making her wheelchair looking small. Mema gives her a big kiss.  

Just a quit stop for some air. Proper tire inflation is important!

Mema visting Kira in the hospital.  

Kira looking very old in the photo with Mepa.

Kira usually STOPS talking when the phone is given to her. Not this time.  

Kira's wheelchair makes it easy to go grocery shopping.

Kira the kid looking very menancing.  

Mema reading Kira a get well card in the hospital.

Trying out some 70's fashions.  

Nobody forgot Kira this Christmas. She made quite a haul

Finally out of the cast.  

Somehow Kira always managed to get her ear warmers on her cheeks.

Even flat on her back, Kira still loves her walks.  

Kira likes to listen to the crunchy leaves as we roll along.

Kira and Mepa tearing up the dance floor.  

Kira taking Mema and Mepa for a walk.

Mema sure knows how to make Kira smile.  

Aunt Rene getting Kira ready for the water.

Grandma Judy giving Kira a Christmas hug.  

Look at all this gear Kira takes on walks.

Kira's very own mini-recliner.  

Big Jenni and Kira wearing matching outfits.

Mema admiring Kira's two perfect ponytails.  

Kira having physical therapy with Tracie.

Kira having her therapy to help her swallow.  

Kira can't wait for Christmas morning.

Kira reaching up to swat at toys.  

Quick catnap.

Kira with Kyle just before he left for Afghanistan. Come back safe Kyle!!  

Kira and her Dad
taking a snooze.

Ready for a walk downtown.  

Kira enjoying the sounds and sights of Sandpoint City Beach.

Aunt Rene doesn't believe that Kira caught a fish THAT big..  

Misty knows how much Kira loves the sun.

Listening to Vegi-Tales with Aunt Jenn.  

Kira likes it when Mepa
plays silly with her.

Kira always has that
content look when she is safe and secure.


Enjoying a good
read with Mema.

New swimming outfit.  
Practicing her
with Misty.
Kira just loved having her hair brushed after a hot tub.  

Kira completely wiped out after a long walk and hot tub.

Kiras helper, Misty, and her friend Hannah.  

Having a bad hair morning after pulling an all-nighter.

Kasey admiring Kiras new jammies.  

Kira always looks so peaceful when she is sleeping.

Aunt Jenni can't believe how pretty my birthday dress is.  

Making friends with Abby, one of her riding horses.

Quick power nap on Dad during my birthday party.  

Kira really needs to start enjoying her walks!!

What a fabulous scrapbook Aunt Jenni did for me. I love it.  

Kira is quite the person around town. She get honks and waves almost every trip.

Even I have bad hair days. And this was one of the worse.  

Kira and her newest CNA, Tacey.
When taking care of Kira, sooner or later it always comes down to this.

I can get just about anything I want with this look.  

Aunt Rene and Kira sharing a laugh.

Kira concentrating on sounds coming from the speaker.  

Now THAT was funny!!

Uncle Andy has his first groupie. Kira absolutely LOVED listening to the guitar.  

Kira enjoying a nice visit with her new friend Polo.

Happy Halloween!!
They made me wear this...honest.

Kira giving big kisses to Mema.

Aunt Rene and Uncle Andy are cracking Kira up.  

Rich and Kira next to a oil painting of Kira done in China during Mepas last trip.

Kira like big bear hugs from her Daddy.  

M:You are taking a nap.
K: I'll think about it.
M: No thinking, nap time.
K: But I'm so cute!!

Kiras first pony tail!!  

Do I look like a big kid or what.

Kira is safe a secure with her Mommy.  

Aunt Amy and Kira sharing a laugh.

Kira attracting more cute guys.  

Great Aunt Sandy teaching Kira a little Texas accent.

Daddy sure knows how to make Kira smile.  

Kira loves her Great-Grandma Mac.

Mepa and Kira doing laps in the pool.  

Kira must have heard something funny.

Grandpa James and Kira making funny faces at each other.  

So that's what you look like!!

Uncle Andy and Kira doing their exercises.  
Kira reading her favorite book.
Somebody needs a nap.  
Kira in her new wheels.
Kira has a great time listening to this old electronic piano.  
I know Uncle Andy did something to my hair, I just can't see it.
Kira sitting with Grandma Melody in the bay window.  
Kira with Chloe, Janeen's granddaughter
Kira just loves Baby Einstein.  
The bouncing ball put Kira out again.
Somehow mom got one glove on. Let's see if she can do the other.  
Grandma Melody taking me for a walk. This new stroller sure is smooth.
I sure like being held by my Grandpa Mick.  

Kira with her mom, Uncle Josh and Uncle Aaron

Kira can't claim that she never gets any lovin.  

Here I am with Aunt Kim.

This warm blanky put me right to sleep.  

Kira stared out this open window for an hour!!

Abby finally has a chance to meet Kira.  

I can't get much cuter
than this. So don't ask.

This dress is definitely working on me.  
Mommy, Daddy and Kira.
Richard, Grandma Melody  
Kira can't believe what she just saw.
Kira's 1st time with her Great Uncle Kevin and his girlfriend Summer.  
Kira snoozing away with Grandpa Mick."How sweet."
Kira Meeting her Great Aunt Marie for the 1st time.  
Kira with her mommy and Great Uncle Kevin.
Danielle, Summer, Kevin, posing with Kira.  
(starting from left) Craig's girlfriend, Mommy's cousin Craig, Great Uncle Randy, Danielle,Great Grandpa Fran,Grandma Karen, Great Aunt Joyce, Great Aunt Marie, and Kira
Denise admiring little Kira Fae.  
Kira and Great Uncle Kevin.
Kira's Great Aunt Joyce.  
Kira checking out George's nose.
Earl, Bobbie, and Kira  
Grandma Karen, Grandpa Mick, Danielle, and Kira
Marvin meeting Kira the first time.  
Cindy meeting Kira the first time.
Dee and Kira relaxing together.  
Dee's sister Carol hanging out with Kira.
Danielle and Laura. Laura works for Volvo in Sweden where she designs car restraints for pregnant women.  
Andy telling Kira a funny hunting story.
Kiras first Halloween.  
Check out that tail!!
Grandma Melody really cracking Kira up.  
Kira is thinking, "WOW my mommy is cute."
Andy telling Kira something.  
Brianna giving Kira a big kiss.
Nichole with Kira.  
Meghan and Kira.
Grandpa James looks awfully proud.  
Kira with Eric, the pastor at Rich's church.
Danielle and Kira in the sunroom.  
Grandma Melody having a talk with Kira.
Ed and Kira.  
Monty and Kira in a stare down.
Danielle relaxing on the couch with Kira.  
Jolynn is Kiras child development specialist. Here Kira is thinking "Now what am I going to have to do".
Proud parents.  
Rich and Kira all dressed up for Easter Sunday service.
Patricia with Kira.  
Four generations of MacLachlans.
Kiras first swing with Grandma Melody.  
Grandma Karen with Kira while still in the hospital.
Kira snoozing.  
Kira and her Mommy, Danielle.
Don't want my Binky to fall out.  
Chatting with my Grandma Melody.
Sharing a laugh with Aunt Jenn.  
Me and Auntie Rene'.
Napping on "Aunt Dana".  
"Aunt Dana" is so comfy.
I've got blue eyes like my Grandpa James, even though you can't see them here.  
Where am I?
Proud Grandparents Karen and Mick.  
Sleeping again.
Taking a nap with my Daddy, Richard.  
Taking a little nap.
Kira keeping Scott company.  
I'm sitting up.
My first hat.  
Taking a nap with Jesse.
I'm pretty cute huh?  
Just looking around.
I'm just too cute.  
Mommy and Daddy give Kira her first bath in the hospital.
Kira with her first boyfriend, Andy  
Warm and cozy.